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Parent Partners™ Program

The Parent Partners Program utilizes the evidence-based SafeCare curriculum which provides in-home training to parents. Established in 1979, SafeCare was developed in order to assist families in need of new techniques for tackling difficult issues at home. Through the 18-22 week program, Parent Aid’s Family Support Specialists visit families once per week to discuss three major themes:

  • Health: In the health module, parents learn how to use a structured decision-making approach to care for their children when they are sick or injured. Parents also learn to correctly identify common illnesses and injuries according to the type of care that is needed.
  • Home Safety: Parents learn how they can create a “childproof” home by identifying and eliminating common household hazards.
  • Parent-Child/Parent-Infant Interactions: Home visitors work with parents to overcome challenging behavior in their children through everyday activities. Parents also learn about family-friendly activities and child development.

If you or someone you know is in need of our help or would like to learn more about our Parent Partners™ Program, please Contact Us.



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